With over 15+ years in business the scope of work we have undertaken has been enormous, and has progressed significantly. We have always strived to stay up-to-date with current practices and trends.
We would be able to advise on which development path to take for any web project, based on requirements and budget.
For example:

A small awareness site, we would probably begin with the bootstrap framework for the rapid development of a responsive, custom built site.

A budget site that needs regular updates. We would probably advise a WordPress development based on a chosen theme and then customised. For those that love to make changes and ‘tinker’, WP allows the administartor to add countless plugins from portfolios and UI options to polling functionality, calendars, SEO and more. Our own site is based on WordPress.

A larger content managed site with common functionality. This could be achieved with a custom WordPress development or a bespoke CMS.
Sometimes off-the-shelf is not the optimal choice. Although WP allows for almost unlimited expansion and customisation, using custom post types and an array of plugins is not the most concise, elegant or streamlined solution. And who doesn’t want an elegant solution!

A budget / mid size e-commerce site. The most popular option would be to use a 3rd party fully hosted and managed solution such as Shopfy, Volusion or EKMPowershop. We can help implement templates, customise styles, design and produce banners, pages and imagery.
Alternatively we could develop a bespoke e-commerce application using our own framework, or the ever popular and professional Magento.

A site with very specific functionality. We have produced many websites that have required very specific functionality. Included in these have been competition microsites, realtime geolocation/mapping applications, integration with numerous 3rd party webservices, sms text messaging…
Some of these have been produced for multinational blue chip companies and have had to be developed to specific guidelines and hosting environments. We have the knowledge to take on these projects.

As well as producing projects from the the ground up, we are happy to modify existing websites, bolt on new functionality and fix whatever isn’t working!

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