Animation / Infographics

Traditionally we have utilised Flash to produce animation and interactivity. We still use Flash for animating banners and occasionally for producing content for displays such as POS and exhibition screens. It is an excellent tool for producing slick animation and is still an industry standard for banner ads.

With the prevalance of iOS over the last few years we have moved towards using HTML5 animation as the cross platform solution for online animation such as infographics.

We have the capability to animate any type of content from technical diagrams, how-tos and demos to cartoon characters.

Examples have been:
Banner Ads
Infographics and demos for Intranets
Animated content for Exhibition graphics
POS and Outoor advertising screens – we produced some lovely character animation for M&S, from concept and illustration to encoding video for some POS screens.
Demos for iOS and Android apps
Augmented reality content
CDRom content (really?, what decade are we in? but yes, really!)
Animated e-cards

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