HTML Emails

Building HTML emails has never been a simple process. Popular email clients such as Outlook, gmail, Live/ (but especially Outlook!) do not support several fundamental css styles, which means ‘normal’ web development has to be abandoned and replaced by the experience of knowing what will work across the board and what wont.

We have built so many HTML emails that we know how a design may be affected when viewed in certain email clients. (I’m looking at you Microsoft Outlook.)
Many of our clients seek advice at the design stage to help iron out any potential issues before presenting to their clients. We are only too happy to get involved at this stage.

Most of our work with email has been production of HTML from supplied artwork, but if you are looking for us to produce designs from supplied brand guidelines, we have experienced designers to hand.

Our standard responsive email build has a single resolution breakpoint, producing two variants: desktop and mobile. We are however willing to look at more specific device/resolution targeting.
All emails are tested in the appropriate email clients to ensure consistency.

Many of our clients already have 3rd party email broadcasting services in  place such as Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Dotmailer and EKMResponse. We can develop templates and individual emails for specific platforms, and even manage campaigns.

If you are looking to start email campaigns please be aware that most services require proof that contact addresses have been acquired legitimately.

We also have our own web application for broadcasting email if, for whatever reason, you are unable to use one of the specialist providers. We can manage your campaigns of up to 50,000 emails per day.

And finally. We even produce emails that can be sent from Outlook. Although limited by the platform’s lack of support for some basic css, we can advise, design and produce an email that will work when sent from Outlook

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